Apple vs. Samsung Decision

I bookmarked an old Roughly Drafted article when it came out. It was dated April 14, 2010 and was titled, Chronicles of Conflict: The History of Adobe and Apple. It is an unusual post for Roughly Drafted because it was written as a parable. It came out around the time that Steve emphasized his decision that Apple would never support Flash on any of its mobile devices.

I figure it is well worth rereading on the anniversary of Steve’s resignation as CEO and the day the verdict was handed down in Judge Koh’s court.

My favorite passage was the section titled, “A Revelaton of Adobe” and began with the following paragraph:

And Adobe saw four horsemen of the apocalypse ascending from the sea, the rider of the white horse was Steve Jobs and he was bent on conquest. And a second horse, red, was given to iPhone to take away market share from smartphones, and to cause phone makers to wage war and to fall upon their own swords. And a third horse, black, was carrying the scales of the iPod touch, and it measured out music playback from iTunes and sold many apps and starved other mobile platforms of mobile application demand. And fourth horse, pale, had a rider named iPad, which pundits called Death. And it caused famine for tablets and plague for slates and killed with a sword. And none of the horsemen used Flash.

Tragically, Steve no longer walks the earth, but he still rides the white horse.