Office 2013

The Office 2013 Train Wreck

Windows 8 Metro train wreck

I don’t see how The Great Metro Experiment will turn out any other way.

The initial word was that Microsoft, at long last, had gotten the memo and was going to deliver a true RISC tablet. The bonus would be that theirs will run a new version of Office for ARM!

This summer they released a preview of Office 2013 that runs on their shiny new OS. Well, sort of. It runs on the “Desktop” environment within Windows 8. It also runs on Windows 7 computers.

That means it isn’t really a Metro app. Instead, Microsoft uses the euphemism metro-style. Metro-style uses the new fashion statement of the Metro API, but runs in Desktop. It requires a context switch from the Metro environment to the Desktop environment in order to operate.

Do you think anyone will notice?

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