The Office 2013 Train Wreck

Windows 8 Metro train wreck

I don’t see how The Great Metro Experiment will turn out any other way.

The initial word was that Microsoft, at long last, had gotten the memo and was going to deliver a true RISC tablet. The bonus would be that theirs will run a new version of Office for ARM!

This summer they released a preview of Office 2013 that runs on their shiny new OS. Well, sort of. It runs on the “Desktop” environment within Windows 8. It also runs on Windows 7 computers.

That means it isn’t really a Metro app. Instead, Microsoft uses the euphemism metro-style. Metro-style uses the new fashion statement of the Metro API, but runs in Desktop. It requires a context switch from the Metro environment to the Desktop environment in order to operate.

Do you think anyone will notice?

The Latest Windows 8 Fiasco

OMG, this is getting more bizarre by the week. The latest is that Microsoft has run away from their new and cool name, Metro.

You gotta be kidding! Microsoft has spent so much time promoting the Metro name and establishing it as the new and cool tablet design. People like it!!! They don’t want to give it up! To walk away from it now is simply amazing.

The least of it is that it abandons a useful vocabulary that had been used to clarify a complex situation. Let’s go through these terms in slow motion.

The Windows 8 Surface Tablets

I don’t know why Microsoft recycled the name “Surface” for their new tablets. Many remember that Surface was the name they used for their Big Ass Table several years ago. Priced at $10,000, it shipped shortly after the iPhone but wasn’t even intended for the consumer market.

It’s weird that they picked a name for a critical product that reminds the world of the Big Ass Table. Whatever.

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